Pakistan Government Acts Decisively to Address CNG Concerns

| Pakistan, Islamabad | Source: Online

All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) delegation plays pivotal role

Following a long period of turmoil around natural gas supply for vehicle fuel and a string of incidents contentiously associated with compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems, a delegation of All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) has met with Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani about CNG load shedding, gas pricing and gas infrastructure development surcharge issues, reports Online. Discussion also covered a natural gas vehicle (NGV) safety check campaign.

Acknowledging the vital role played by the CNG sector in Pakistan’s economy, Prime Minister Gillani reportedly accepted all the APCNGA recommendations and proposals and issued immediate orders and directives on some matters. This included commencement of work on the NGV safety checking campaign.

Gilani has directed the Ministry of Petroleum to supply uninterrupted gas to the compressed natural gas (CNG) industry.

The article also states APCNGA presented to Gilani a comprehensive gas crisis drive-out plan, which resulted in the Prime Minister issuing orders consultation with the association to implement it.

At the end of last week, a Task Force constituted by Petroleum and Natural Resources Secretary Muhammad Ejaz Chaudhry finalised its proposals pertaining to a countrywide testing and enforcement regime. Included was a recommendation that RFID systems be introduced to restrict the dispensing of CNG into vehicles that have not been through appropriate inspection processes. A tender has been issued for the establishment of RFID and inspection systems by the Ministry.

EDITOR’S NOTE: NGV Global released a position paper in December NGV Global which recommends RFID systems as a means of verifying CNG vehicles and cylinders at the point of refuelling. The paper is available via the NGV Global website.

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