Oskarshamn, Sweden Opens Biomethane Filling Station

| Sweden, Oskarshamn

Oskarshamn's new biomethane refueling station

Regional energy supplier Oskarshamn Energy, owned equally by the Oskarshamn Municipality and E.ON Sweden AB, opened its new biomethane refueling station September 22 at Ink√∂rningsv√§gen 2 in the eastern coastal city of Oskarshamn. The biomethane, a renewable fuel, is locally produced. In Sweden, tax for a gas-powered car is lower than for a petrol car, under rules effective from May 2006. For example, a gas-powered Opel Zafira CNG incurs tax of about 800 SEK (USD 121) / year. By comparison, the gasoline counterpart’s tax is about 1400 SEK (USD 212) / year.

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