OrangeGas Supplies RNG and Green Certificates to Dutch Company A.Hak

| The Netherlands, Heerenveen

Netherland's OrangeGas fuels A.Hak CaddysLast week Theo Knoop, Head Equipment & Logistics for Dutch energy infrastructure company A.Hak, took the keys of four Volkswagen Caddys that will operate using renewable natural gas (RNG – biomethane). Gas supplier OrangeGas simultaneously handed the associated green gas certificates over to Knoop, acknowledging the switch to RNG makes a concrete contribution to a cleaner environment. 

OrangeGas has invested more than €13 million (USD 14m) in green gas-filling stations and is market leader in the Netherlands with 65 locations across the nation.

“Sustainability is a mindset, a ‘just do it’ attitude,” said Knoop: “A.Hak aims to drastically reduce total CO2 emissions. In addition to environmentally-conscious dealing with mobility and the use of machinery, greening our fleet is a means to give substance to that commitment.”

Joyce van Os de Man, Regional Manager OrangeGas, says about the collaboration with A.Hak: “It’s nice to see how more and more leading companies recognize the need to contribute to sustainable mobility in the Netherlands. Green gas is ideally suited for the rural projects of A.Hak: tangible environmental benefits while maintaining range, fast refueling and cost-neutral compared to diesel. These four Caddy’s go to refuel in Joure, Sittard/Geleen, Helmond and Hengelo.”

OrangeGas is the sole provider of 100% renewable natural gas at the pump. It’s supply is sourced from two of its own biogas production sites at the sewage treatment plants in Mijdrecht and Beverwijk.

“Sewage treatment plants are excellent sources for biogas production. The biogas derived from the fermentation of sludge from waste water is upgraded to natural gas quality, creating green gas, ” says Van Os de Man.

OrangeGas is a member of NGVA Europe and associate member of NGV Global.

(Source: OrangeGas)

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