OrangeGas Expands its CNG Network in Germany

| Netherlands: Heerenveen and Germany: Hannover | Source: OrangeGas

OrangeGas StationDutch renewable natural gas (RNG) provider OrangeGas, which reported the acquisition of 12 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations in Germany in June, says it has acquired six more CNG stations from another source.

A member of NGVA Europe, OrangeGas purchased the six CNG filling stations in Hanover from Enercity Contracting GmbH and will commence managing them from 1 November 2018. As a result, the network in the Netherlands and Germany is expanding to 121 filling stations.

Since the start of OrangeGas in Germany in December 2017, the company has acquired 41 CNG filling stations, including the 12 stations bought from Mabagas Fuel GmbH & Co. in June. The company currently operates 80 CNG filling stations in the Netherlands and in 2019 will also open two green gas filling stations in Belgium in the Brussels area.

Over the next three years, the network in Germany will be expanded to 150 CNG filling stations. At present there are about 900 CNG filling stations in Germany.

“This is a big step forward in our plans for Germany”, says founder / owner Marcel Borger of OrangeGas. “We are looking forward to integrating the CNG filling stations of Enercity in Hanover into our network, and our goal is to expand the German network and, as in the Netherlands, also become the market leader.”

The Enercity CNG market has been well developed for many years, so many cars are already running on CNG in Hanover and the fuel is also seen as the replacement for diesel. The expansion has increased OrangeGas’s turnover in Germany by 50% to EUR 3 million (USD 3.42 million).

“With OrangeGas we have found an independent partner who is actively working for the CNG filling stations, which ensures that customers in Hanover and the region continue to have access to sufficient CNG tank capacity”, says Corinna Kleimann, CEO of Enercity Contracting GmbH from Hanover, whose company has migrated to a focus on EVs.

OrangeGas was founded in 2008 and focuses on offering a mix of only clean fuels at their service stations. The fuels are green gas / CNG, electricity via fast chargers, CO2 for the cooling of fresh transport and from 2019 hydrogen and Liquefied Biogas (LBG / LNG).

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