OrangeGas Completes ‘Well-to-Wheel’ Chain in Netherlands

| Netherlands, Heerenveen

Beverwijk waste water managementDutch renewable natural gas (RNG) provider OrangeGas, in partnership with financier Meewind, have secured the biogas production facilities at Mijdrecht and Beverwijk from Biogast Sustainable Energy. A new company has been formed, ‘OrangeGas Projects’ owned 80% by OrangeGas and 20% by Meewind. The acquisition follows the bankruptcy of Biogast last year and provides OrangeGas with control over their entire green gas (renewable natural gas) chain.

The Mijdrecht facility is located at the wastewater treatment of the Amstel, Gooi and Vecht (AGV) Water Board, which together with its executive Waternet, is responsible for water management in the region. The Board is aiming for energy-neutral operations by 2020.

The biogas plant in Beverwijk is located at the site of Hollands Noorderkwartier Water Board which is responsible for water management in North Holland above the North Sea Canal. The Board has the view that nowadays, sewage treatment plants are more seen as energy factories and the possibility of raw materials to be harvested and utilised from the waste water is present.

“We are very proud that we can now add the entire value chain to sustainable mobility in the Netherlands. Sewage treatment plants are excellent sources for biogas production. Green gas is currently still the most versatile alternative fuel, for use of a Volkswagen UP to vans, trucks and garbage trucks. In the future we also hope to work with other water authorities to build on such partnerships,” said Pelle Schlichting, director OrangeGas.

It is expected that both sites can collectively produce 1.2 million cubic meters of green gas, enough to fuel the operations of 50 waste collection trucks annually, or up to 700 small cars. The whole production will be used for OrangeGas green gas-filling stations throughout the Netherlands.

OrangeGas delivers the only 100% green gas in the Netherlands and has invested a more than EUR 13 million (USD 14.5 m) in green gas filling stations. Beginning in 2016 OrangeGas operates nearly 65 green gas tank locations and is the market leader in the Netherlands.


(Source: OrangeGas)

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