OrangeGas Chooses the Sustainable Way for Happy Planet

| The Netherlands, Heerenveen

OrangeGas rebrands as Happy Planet Dutch renewable natural gas (RNG) provider OrangeGas has launched a complete rebranding; it will be opening filling stations that exclusively offer sustainable fuels: RNG, quick-chargers powered by green energy and CO2 for ecological cooling. Marcel Borger, CEO OrangeGas, expanded further on his new direction: “In the future we will also offer Liquid Biogas and hydrogen gas. Refueling at OrangeGas is refueling positive energy, on the way to a ‘Happy Planet’.”

The rebranding was announced during the opening of the company’s lastest renewable natural gas station, which takes OrangeGas to a total of 61 filling stations in The Netherlands.

“The number of biogas-filling stations in the Netherlands is growing rapidly. However, a highway-station was missing. In close collaboration with BP Kok we could realize this ambition: a break-through for all biogas-drivers. This makes us the leading company on the Dutch market,” explained Borger.

OrangeGas’ ambition goes further. Borger: “Sustainable transport has the future. A growing number of companies recognize the advantages of sustainable mobility and biogas, such as waste collectors, conveyors and public transportation. By convincing more people to drive on biogas, we can truly contribute to a cleaner city and reduce CO2-emissions. Furthermore, sustainable mobility will become more and more affordable and the offer of sustainable vehicles keeps on growing.

(Source: OtrangeGas)

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