Orangegas Approved to Build Ten Biomethane Filling Stations

| The Netherlands, Overijssel
Orangegas CNG station Oosterwolde

Orangegas’s 50th station became operational in January this year.

The Overijssel Energy Fund has approved the application of regional green gas (biomethane) operator OrangeGas for the construction of 10 new green gas filling stations. This funding will double the number of green gas filling stations in Overijssel to 21.

The Netherlands province has an ambitious target for renewable energy, to provide twenty percent of the total energy of the province by 2020. The focus of Overijssel Energy Fund is on projects that have a good chance to achieve this objective in the short to medium term. OrangeGas is investing in a nationwide network of green gas filling stations in the Netherlands and satisfies the terms of the independent Investment Committee.

“In the Netherlands are driven nearly ten million vehicles, of which more than 650,000 are in the province of Overijssel. Every opportunity to green is a major step forward. The planned investment is expected to reap savings in conventional energy of 97 TJ per year. This equates to the energy consumption of more than 1,200 households,” says Bas-Jan Blom, Director of Overijssel Energy Fund.

“With this financial boost from Overijssel Energy Fund we can accelerate building of new green gas filling stations in the province. More and more companies, such as waste collection services, transport and taxi operators, see the benefits of running on green gas. More and more cars able to operate on green gas are available, such as the Audi A3, VW and Fiat 500L Up. We are very pleased with the stimulus of the Energy Fund, with which we can double the number of green gas stations,” said Pelle Schlichting, president and co-founder of OrangeGas.

Taxi buses and vans can get nationwide and regional subsidies for the purchase of vehicles on green gas. The rural subsidy amounts to € 1,250 (USD 1700) per green gas taxi or van. The province of Overijssel has a purchase subsidy which can be added to this rural settlement, bringing the total benefit for buses up to € 4,250 (USD 5780, and for cars up to € 2.250 (USD 3060).

(Source: OrangeGas)

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