Omnitek Fuel Rail Technology Certified to UNECE R110

| USA, Vista CA

Californian company Omnitek Engineering Corp. has received international certification for its patented fuel rail technology, based on tests conducted by an independent agency and standards sanctioned by the United Nationals Economic Commission for Europe, specifically UNECE R110.

“Our patented fuel rail technology, which houses the fuel injectors, is a key technology essential for achieving ultra-low emission levels with natural gas engines. The technology improves air/gas mixture formation, greatly reducing emissions while increasing fuel economy and engine power,” said Werner Funk, president and chief executive officer of Omnitek Engineering Corp.

“Its effectiveness is highlighted by the utilization of this patented technology, together with Omnitek’s other engine management system components, in a 12-liter natural gas engine manufactured by TEDOM s.r.o. Ltd.. This engine holds EURO VI emissions certification, which is now required in Europe and many countries around the world.”

Funk noted that ECE 110R and EURO VI certification represents an important strategic advantage to Omnitek Engineering as demand for natural gas engines in Europe and other regions accelerates — supported by emissions policies addressed in the 200-nation “Paris Agreement on Climate Change” that was recently signed. “We look forward to the acceleration of follow-on orders in the months ahead to numerous existing pilot programs in countries requiring EURO VI or ECE R110 certification,” Funk said.

(Source: Omnitek)

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