Omnitek Expands Operations at Home and Internationally

| USA, San Marcos CA

Omnitek Engineering Corporation, based in San Marcos, California, has set up two new relationships over the past few days. Seraph Energy has been appointed as an exclusive marketing agent in Pennsylvania, for the company’s diesel-to-natural gas conversion kits. Last week Omnitek appointed D. Rampersad & Company Limited as a master distributor and exclusive installation center for the company’s diesel-to-natural gas conversion kits in Trinidad & Tobago.

Seraph Engineering

Seraph Engineering, a diversified energy company developing markets and applications for natural gas, will focus primarily on cultivating market growth and facilitating conversions of heavy-duty trucks in this region with significant natural gas reserves.

“With more than 150,000 heavy-duty diesel trucks in the state of Pennsylvania and an abundant source of clean-burning and relatively inexpensive natural gas, the application of Omnitek’s conversion technology offers meaningful benefits to gas suppliers, service providers and end-users. We look forward to working with Seraph Energy to establish a strong presence in this region,” said Werner Funk, president and chief executive officer of Omnitek Engineering Corporation.

“Omnitek’s technology complements energy demands of high-fuel-use industries in Pennsylvania, such as over-the-road trucking and mining — providing relatively inexpensive diesel-to-natural gas engine conversions. The investment to convert will be further enhanced by a rapidly growing infrastructure that offers easy access to natural gas supplied by the Marcellus Shale Gas Field, an energy source estimated to be the second largest natural gas reserve in the world and possibly the single most important economic stimulant in the history of Pennsylvania,” said Ed Agostinelli, general manager of Seraph Energy, LLC.

Industry observers believe that development of the Marcellus Shale deposits promises to be one of the most important opportunities for the United States for the next several decades. “These deposits, combined with existing underground sources of natural gas in the Commonwealth, may very well represent the largest gas reserve in the world,” said Scott Perry, director of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Bureau of Oil and Gas Management, at a recent meeting of the Sullivan County Energy Task Force.

D. Rampersand and Co.

Rampersand, one of the largest engineering companies in the Caribbean, was appointed by Omnitek to focus on the conversion of heavy-duty trucks and buses, as well as conversions of power generators in industrial zones.

“Omnitek’s technology complements government policies in the region that seek to utilize inexpensive and indigenous natural gas from Trinidad and Tobago, representing estimated savings of up to 50 percent for transportation applications compared with diesel fuel. We look forward to working with D. Rampersad & Company Limited to meet the rapidly growing demand for diesel-to-natural gas conversion technology in Trinidad and Tobago,” said Funk.

Funk noted that Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan, the energy minister of Trinidad & Tobago, is a strong supporter of natural gas and related government tax incentive programs to encourage its utilization. He added that the energy minister expects at least 15,000 new natural gas users in 2012 and approximately 100,000 users within a five-year period. It is estimated that 15,000 additional natural gas users would generate substantial economic savings and result in a greater supply of petroleum products for export to support economic growth.

“Our partnership with Omnitek in Trinidad and Tobago represents an exciting opportunity to create savings for our customers and employment in the region. In addition, diesel-to-natural-gas conversion supports government mandates to “go green,” and offers an approximate one-year return on investment (ROI). We are proud to be the first company on the island to offer Omnitek’s conversion technology and look forward to exciting growth opportunities as the business ramps up,” said Nirmal Rampersad, chairman and chief executive officer of D. Rampersad & Company Limited.

Earlier Appointment

Earlier this year, Omnitek also appointed PT Bayu Buana Energy (BBG) as a master distributor for the company’s products in Indonesia, with a particular focus on diesel-to natural gas conversion kit sales for truck, bus and power generator applications.

(This article compiled using information from Omnitek Engineering Corporation press releases)

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