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Throughout the world diesel engines are the power plant of choice for heavy-duty on-road and off-road applications, as well as power generation. However as of late, the high cost of diesel fuel, has forced truck and bus fleets to take a closer look at clean-burning and inexpensive natural gas.

To accelerate adaptation a technology known as “diesel-to-natural gas engine conversion” is of great interest and is considered the most cost-effective way to transition a fleet from diesel to natural gas. Savings from using less expensive natural gas over diesel will generally pay for the engine conversion in 10 to 18 month. Given their long service life of up to 20 years, diesel engines are routinely overhauled and using Omnitek’s diesel-to-natural gas conversion kits, diesel engines are “overhauled” into natural gas engines – the difference in cost to “overhaul” or “convert” is minimal. An added benefit is the elimination of black smoke and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Omnitek natural gas technoOmnitek has developed a proprietary technology to convert diesel engines to natural gas engines and offers diesel-to-natural gas engine conversions for new and used diesel engines, including products for trucks, buses, power generators, trains and industrial equipment. Omnitek’s market-leading conversion technology overcomes past problems of low engine power, high oil consumption, overheating and poor reliability found in first-generation gas engine technology, and has been applied to convert over 5,000 engines around the world and early in 2013, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the company’s diesel-to-natural gas conversion kit for the Navistar DT466E and DT530E Outside Useful Life engines.

Most diesel engines can be converted to CNG, LNG or Biogas. The conversion can be performed by any well equipped repair shop and will take about one week.

Engines are evaluated following a five-step checklist to determine if the vehicle/engine is a good candidate for a diesel-to-natural gas conversion.


  1. Driving range – is there space for CNG/LNG tanks?
  2. Power needed
  3. Condition of the engine
  4. Emissions required
  5. Economics

Drivers and service personnel receive comprehensive training from Omnitek to fully understand natural gas engines and their particular requirements. There are distinct differences, which must be understood. For instance, natural gas engines cannot be operated using diesel motor oil and long-life spark plugs with precious metal electrodes must be used, all to reduces operating costs and increases reliability.

Omnitek understands customer needs and offers tailor-made solutions that are affordable and sustainable.

Considering the cost benefits of conversions versus new engine replacement, as well as the limited availability of new natural gas truck and bus engines, engine conversions make a lot of sense.


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