Omnitek Engine Conversions and Natural Gas Engine Manufacturing Commence in China

| USA: Vista CA

Omnitek OM6NG1Omnitek Engineering Corp. says it has commenced shipments of the company’s natural gas engine components to its exclusive distributor in China, Omnitek Beijing. The Omnitek system components will be utilized to convert large marine engines, mining-trucks and power generators from diesel to natural gas. New natural gas engine production will prioritize engines for marine and on-road applications.

The LNG fuel to operate the mining trucks and river barges will be supplied by SINOPEC, which also plays a supporting role in the projects.

Omnitek Beijing is a partner in a new manufacturing facility being built in Shandong Province with capacity for 40,000 natural gas engines annually. Upon completion, the complex will include two factories with engine assembly lines, an office building, engine testing capabilities, a truck assembly line and showroom. The Chinese company has received government authorization to manufacture and apply natural gas engines for inland waterways, and on-road and off-road applications.

“Omnitek Beijing is well situated to take advantage of the large-scale shift to natural gas in China, and we are exited to participate in the development of this market,” said Werner Funk, president and chief executive officer of Omnitek Engineering Corp.

Mining HDV China“Considerable time and resources have been invested over the past few years to demonstrate the performance and the positive economic impact of diesel-to-natural gas engine conversions and to launch this sizable project; and, we are gratified that our technology has been recognized as an important solution to water and air pollution caused by diesel engines. We look forward to ramping up top-level component shipments from the company’s U.S. facility in California to the engine manufacturing facility in China, cooperating with technical support and reporting our milestones,” Funk added.

He noted natural gas utilization in China complements the government mandate for replacement of diesel engines to reduce the tremendous environmental burden high-polluting diesel engines place on the environment in China.

Omnitek Engineering Corp. develops and sells proprietary diesel-to-natural gas engine conversion systems and complementary products.

Source: Omnitek Engineering Corp

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