Omnitek Accelerates Diesel-to-Natural-Gas Conversion Partnerships in US

| USA, Vista CA

Omnitek Engineering Corporation has appointed Chesapeake, Virginia-based TFC Recycling as an authorized installation center for its diesel-to-natural gas engine conversion systems in the region. The company said TFC Recycling will purchase diesel-to-natural gas engine conversion kits for its own fleet, as well as perform engine conversions for customers that utilize TFC’s affiliated fleet maintenance operation. Omnitek expects to commence shipments in the current quarter.

“The addition of TFC Recycling to our network of North American conversion centers provides a two-pronged growth opportunity, with TFC Recycling being an end-user and also a sales and installation partner in a region with much pent-up demand for diesel-to-natural gas engine conversions. We applaud the decision by TFC to transition its diesel fleet to natural gas and look forward to mutual success,” said Werner Funk, president and chief executive officer of Omnitek Engineering Corporation.

Omnitek Engineering is accelerating its conversion center partnerships throughout the United States and Canada since receiving EPA approval for its diesel-to-natural gas engine conversion technology for the widely operated line of heavy-duty Navistar DT466E and DT530E engines. The company expects to obtain EPA and CARB approval for additional diesel engine models to address the anticipated increasing demand from trucking fleets that operate with other diesel engine models.

Funk noted that Omnitek’s conversion technology offers a projected payback on investment of less than two years – a significant advantage compared with a projected payback-period of five-to-seven years for a new natural gas truck purchase.

Tidewater Fibre Corporation (TFC Recycling) is a privately held and family-operated business which operates more than 180 collection and transfer vehicles, including 22 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles, and three Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) in Chesapeake, Chester, and Newport News, Virginia.

TFC’s fleet maintenance facility was the first vehicle maintenance facility in the Commonwealth of Virginia designed to meet all local, state and federal CNG building requirements. TFC is capable of servicing up to 20 CNG vehicles at one time and has the capacity to provide fleet services to third parties, including CNG vehicle maintenance.

Earlier this year Omnitek was selected by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency of Seattle for a pilot project to demonstrate its diesel-to-natural gas engine conversion technology for drayage trucks. In August, the company also appointed installers in Pennsylvania and in Ontario, Canada.

(Source: Omnitek Engineering)
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