OGP and ISO Agree an Interim Specification for Supply of LNG as Marine Fuel

| United Kingdom, London

OGP (International Association of Oil and Gas Producers) and ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) have agreed an interim solution that responds to temporary industry uncertainties associated with trade regulations (EU and US) and their applicability to standardisation in the oil and gas sector. Included is OGP 118683, 2013: Guidelines for systems and installations for supply of LNG as fuel to ships, covering equipment, systems, procedures and training.

According to the Foreword, the LNG technical specification is to help standardise the interface between the ship and the fuel supply facilities to ensure that a LNG fuelled ship can refuel in any port around the world with LNG fuel supply facilities. Recognising the industry cannot wait and that the characteristics of LNG fuel differ significantly from other marine fuels, the document has been issued for pre-standardisation purposes with the intent to develop it over time into an ISO International Standard.

The technical specification provides guidance for the planning and design of –

  • the bunkering facility
  • the ship/bunkering facility interface
  • procedures for connection and disconnection
  • the emergency shutdown interface, and
  • the LNG bunkering process control

and thereby ensuring that an LNG fuelled ship can refuel with a high level of safety, integrity and reliability regardless of the type of bunkering facility.

Further information is available from www.ogp.org.uk/interimsolution/interim-solution-deliverables

(Source: OGP)

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