Oasis Engineering Delivers Integrated Bus Fill Valve

| New Zealand

NC104 and FV103 Integrated Bus Fill Valve

New Zealand based Oasis Engineering Ltd, a supplier of specialist flow control equipment for compressed natural gas (CNG) has delivered its latest product offering to the market – the NC104 and FV103 Integrated Bus Fill Valve – displaying the refuelling unit last week at NGV Berlin. Oasis describes the result of three years R&D as taking “all the hassle out of owning a bus filling station”. The NC104 nozzle, combined with the FV103 valve with operating pressure range of 7 PSI to 6000 PSI, is designed to eliminate accidental venting between the “fill” and “vent” positions. It has numerous innovative features including an attachment mechanism that is self aligning, preventing inexperienced operators from jamming the jaws onto the receptacle, and is designing for easy onsite servicing.

This article compiled using information supplied by Oasis Engineering.

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