Niyato Enters US NGV Market with N150 Ford Conversion

| USA, Las Vegas NV

Niyato N150, CNG powered

Niyato Industries, a compressed natural gas (CNG) and electric vehicle manufacturing company, has completed its first compressed natural gas conversion “N150”, a light duty truck based on the Ford F-150 platform. The company says truck was converted using Ford approved components and warranty conditions are honoured. The V8 N150 meets or exceeds all United States Department of Transportation and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements and has received an EPA Certificate of Conformity.

The N150 is set up for bi-fuel operation, able to operate on either CNG or gasoline, and has a combined fuel range of approximately 800 miles (nearly 1300 kms); approximately 400 on gasoline and 400 on CNG with optional capacity included. Standard CNG fuel capacity is equivalent to 12.2 gasoline gallons, with an option to double capacity to 24.4 GGE.

The company explains CNG vehicles are just starting to gain popularity because of the huge savings when switching from gasoline to CNG prices — currently running at about half that of gasoline.

James Gaiser, Chief Marketing Officer for Niyato Industries, told NGV Global News: “We currently have a 10-year contract in place to produce 200 N150 per month; our roll-out plans include the installation of 174 CNG stations within our dealer network within the first year. This number will double during the second year, and so on until we hit 500 Niyato stations at 500 Niyato dealers. Since we started this fantastic voyage, the volume has increased from 12,000 in five years to 6,000 vehicles the first year and doubling the year after.  A much anticipated roll-out date is scheduled to begin later this year.”

The company anticipates demand will come from federal, state and local governments and company fleet operators.

(This article compiled using information from Niyato Industries Inc.)



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