NGVAmerica Reports on 2015, Sets Goals for 2016

| USA, Washington DC

NGVAmerica Report 2015NGVAmerica has published its annual report, marking it as the beginning of a new tradition of describing how the member-driven national trade association is leading initiatives to grow the natural gas vehicle industry and how it is helping members accomplish their business goals. In the face of the challenges from dropping world energy prices making for a difficult marketplace, NGVAmerica accelerated efforts to advance the industry in 2015 and names specific goals for 2016.

“Together, we achieved several crucial policy wins in the Congress and state capitols. We also took on new efforts to advance important NGV safety and technology issues and strengthened programs to communicate the strong value of natural gas as a transportation fuel,” says Matt Godlewski, President NGVAmerica in an accompanying email. “As proud as I am of these accomplishments, we have much more work to do in 2016.”

“Headlines from the recent Paris climate talks and continued challenges from environmental groups here at home, remind us that we must stay focused on long-term threats beyond the short-term challenge of low petroleum prices. Significant environmental benefits are the cornerstone of the value of natural gas as a transportation fuel. We must be aggressive in promoting and defending this sustainability message to ensure the industry’s future growth. NGVAmerica’s charge is to lead this effort in 2016.”

“Our State Committee is already busy positioning new NGV initiatives in more than 15 states. The Federal team will be involved in key tax reform discussions that could result in new long-term incentives. And our Technology & Development Committee is working to streamline maintenance facility and fuel system inspection requirements, open a dialogue over fuel quality, and proactively address other critical safety issues.”

In the Chair’s message in the Report, Gordon Exel of Westport Innovations states: “NGVAmerica must lead in clearly stating the environmental benefits of NGVs and use credible data to make our case with policymakers, fleets, and consumers. One of my top goals for the association in 2016 is to help our members better communicate our winning environmental message.”

For more information contact NGVAmerica. NGVAmerica is an affiliated association of NGV Global.

(Source: NGVAmerica)

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