NGVAmerica Highlights Natural Gas Benefits for Fleets

| USA, Washington DC

NGVAmerica White PaperNGVAmerica’s Emissions and Environmental Working Group has completed a white paper and an infographic highlighting the benefits for fleets using natural gas as a transportation fuel — Fleets Run Cleaner on Natural Gas. The goal of the working group was to provide an NGV industry supported consensus document on the benefits of switching to natural gas.

In the white paper, NGVAmerica explains why natural gas provides clear advantages among alternative transportation fuels, covering the emission and environmental benefits associated with CNG and LNG, as well as the technical reasons behind the calculations and inputs that were chosen.

“This document is designed for fleets, businesses, and governmental entities already invested in NGVs and those contemplating the switch to natural gas. It presents short and concise talking points to communicate the environmental benefits and explains how natural gas vehicles satisfy a variety of sustainability goals.”

NGVAmerica hopes that the white paper and infographic will serve as useful resources for its members and the industry at large when discussing the benefits of using natural gas vehicles (NGVs).

Both items are available on the NGVAmerica website.

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