NGVAmerica Calls All US Fleets: Start your Natural Gas Engines with Volkswagen Settlement Funding! 

| USA: Washington DC

Logo-USA_NGVAmericaNGVAmerica provides all states of the USA support to access funding made available through the United States v. Volkswagen Group of America et al. As of today, 19 states have final plans; 16 additional states have draft plans.  Several states have already opened applications for VW grant programs using the $2.9 billion in available resources. Also, given the upward movement of conventional fuel prices, there is additional inventive to choose natural gas solutions for transportation right now.

Volkswagen AG has agreed to spend $14.7 billion to settle allegations of cheating emissions standards. Of that amount, $2 billion will be spent on national zero emission vehicle investments, and $2.9 billion will be used to establish an Environmental Mitigation Trust, which states and territories may use to invest in transportation projects that will reduce NOx emissions.

Join NGVAmerica on its next VW Settlement Trust webinar to learn about soon-to-be-released funding opportunities for new Natural Gas Vehicle purchases.

Ensure that your fleet partners fully understand this opportunity to run cleaner vehicles that are cost-effective and use American fuel.  This webinar will cover the general requirements for funding applications including project emissions calculations using the U.S. DOE’s Argonne Lab’s HDVEC tool.

“Allocating funds to deploy low-NOx natural gas vehicles provides the best way to deliver immediate and cost-effective NOx reductions and air quality benefit. Nearly 40% of Americans are exposed to unhealthful levels of ozone and particulate pollution. Volkswagen’s $2.9 billion Environmental Mitigation Trust fund provides each state an incredible opportunity to make an immediate and tangible impact on air quality by targeting medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, the leading source of these toxic air contaminants in almost every metropolitan area.”

Who Should Participate?  All NGV stakeholders, including logistics managers and fleet operators, grant writers and finance principals, sustainability officers, fuelers, service suppliers, utility leaders, and NGV market developers.

When?  Thursday, July 19, 2018 from 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET

How?  Register at:

U.S. Fuel Forecast

Motor Gasoline Summer Outlook according to U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

  • regular gasoline retail price – 18.3% average increase over 2017 for Q2 and Q3
  • diesel fuel retail price – 23.1% average increase over 2017 for Q2 and Q3

National Average Price Between April 1 and April 30, 2018 according to Alternative Fuel Data Center (latest published data):

  • CNG $2.18/GGE
  • LNG $2.57/DGE
  • Gasoline $2.67/gallon
  • Diesel $3.03/gallon


Source: NGVAmerica

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