NGVA Europe Commences Training Courses

 | Source: NGVA Europe

NGVA Europe has commenced a new international training initiative this year by offering training on demand. Participants can undertake in-depth learning about international regulations and rules at ECE and ISO level, on subjects such as CNG/LNG vehicles and its components, CNG & L-CNG filling stations, safety issues, biomethane (production, upgrading, conditioning), national laws & policies, amongst others, and how to handle this in practical application.

Last 18th and 19th January 2011, NGVA Europe successfully carried out the first international Training Course in UK for Daimler, Luxfer and Iveco clients. The UK training was hosted by NGVA Europe member Hardstaff in Nottingham.

These newly offered NGVA Europe Training Courses are conjointly certified by NGVA Europe and TÜV, the German and internationally recognised body for inspection and approval, also a member of NGVA Europe. In cooperation with other members, the TÜV also provides specialised and experienced trainers. All NGVA Europe Training Courses are coordinated by IVS (Ingenieurbüro van Schoonhoven), coordinator of the NGVA Europe Working Group on Education and Traning.

IVS General Manager, Gijsbrecht van Schoonhoven, also one of the trainers of the first training day in the UK, said: “I am glad to have had so many registrations for the first NGVA Europe Training Course. The demand for technical in-depth training is huge, therefore NGVA Europe will now already prepare the next Training Course to cover the great Europe-wide interest in our training packages, which we now make available to the public.”

A Luxfer staff member who participated in the first course gave his feedback: “I thought I already have quite a good knowledge of technical aspects and NGVs, but I have to say that I learnt a lot through the NGVA Europe training. This was exactly what I was missing, a great opportunity to perfect your skills.”

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