NGVA Europe Celebrates Milestones in Berlin

| Europe, Berlin

Industry members have gathered in Berlin this week for NGV 2011 Berlin, NGVA Europe’s 2nd Conference and Exhibition. Delegates and visitors attending the event celebrated with members of the association its three full years of operation. A three day workshop program was preceded by the association’s general meeting during which members heard of the achievements of the association over the past year and a summary of progress to date. The association has pulled impressive membership growth to date rising from 20 members in May 2008, when the association was first formed, to more than 130 today. Among the most recent recruits are Gazprom (Russia) and Volvo AB (Sweden) both of which take up Director’s entitlements on the Board of the association.

Other achievements for the association reported to members include:

  • Establishment of a branch office in Brussels
  • Appointment of a Technical Manager, Jaime del Álamo, based at the association’s Madrid office
  • A busy schedule of speaking and conference engagements by staff and board members – more than 70 over the course of the past year
  • Several regional and global collaboration arrangements including the GasHighway, Biowalk4Biofuels and GreenGas Grids projects
  • Publication of several position papers, fact sheets and other communication tools

Later this month the association will also participate in the Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) Annual Conference 2011 in Edinburgh, where Manuel Lage (General Manager) will discuss “Market potential for the use of LNG & L-CNG”, and in the AEBIOM European Bioenergy Conference in Brussels, where Matthias Maedge (EU Affairs & Marketing Manager) will discuss “Strategy to develop biomethane in transport”.

NGVA Europe’s next annual event will be NGV 2012 Bologna (Italy) scheduled for June next year.

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