NGVA Europe 2012 Conference – Bologna

NGV2012 Bologna, June 19-21 in Bologna, Italy

NGVA Europe will hold its annual conference and exhibition, together with five workshops, in Bologna, Italy this year, in an event hosted by NGV System Italia (the Italian NGV Association) and organized by NGV Communications Group. The European marketplace has a huge growth potential where the market share of methane (CNG, LNG and biomethane) powered vehicles are projected to grow from 0.4%, where it stands today, to 5% in 2020; according to the current European vehicles fleet, 5% equates to 17,000,000 NGVs.

In the first European marketplace, the Italian Chamber of Deputies has recently approved the bill: “Marketing of natural gas for vehicles”. NGV System Italia says this has given a clear signal: the government has shown that it recognizes natural gas to be a driving force for economic development and environmental protection. The measures outlined in the bill signal in particular that the draft legislation is aimed at encouraging, especially in large metropolitan areas, areas at risk of exceeding the set limits and pollution alert thresholds, and on the motorway network the use of Natural Gas for Vehicles (whose characteristics as a fuel commodity have been recognized) on account of its low environmental impact.

It also calls for a special ministerial decree to establish criteria and procedures for:
•    self-service provision in distribution facilities for natural gas and LPG and domestic compressed natural gas (CNG);
•    simultaneous provision of liquid and gaseous fuels (CNG and LPG) in multi-product refuelling stations;
•    transformation of distribution facilities for traditional fuels in urban areas into natural gas distribution facilities.

Why in Bologna City?
In the NGV world, Italy is known as the ‘NGV Cradle’. Bologna is the cradle of the cradle: the first NGV, at the beginning of last century 3rd decade was produced and driven around the streets for the first time here in Bologna.

NGVs and refuelling stations make of Bologna and Emilia Romagna the most developed NGV European Region. Besides, the majority of the Italian NGV industries are based here.

NGV2012 workshops will focus on:

  • The perspectives of international OEMs on CNG
  • LNG and dual fuel, the immediate alternative for heavy-duty transport
  • Biomethane and hydrogen blends, today solution for a large-scale sustainable mobility
  • The virtuous circle in urban transport: biomethane for cities landfills
  • Natural gas distributors: CNG’s potentiality, synergy and political will

Information about the event is available from here.

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