NGV Opportunity Highlighted at World Bank Energy Forum

At last week’s Sustainable Development Network (SDN) Energy Forum in Washington DC, sponsored by the The World Bank, Stephe Yborra, Director of Market Analysis, Education and Communications at Clean Vehicle Education Foundation (CVEF) and Director – Market Development at NGVAmerica, presented a session on behalf of NGV Global on the worldwide NGV market and its potential to displace petroleum and improve economic opportunity in developing nations.

In addition to providing a summary briefing of NGV technologies, fuels and vehicle and station basics, the presentation noted the distinct differences between NGV market acceptance and adoption rates in economically disadvantaged and/or developing countries where vehicle ownership per capita is low as opposed to those countries where vehicle ownership is high and allegiances and “comfort levels” with gasoline and diesel are already well-established.

The briefing also included observations about the unintended consequences of subsidizing petroleum fuel, especially in countries rich in natural gas resources.

Also highlighted was the opportunity for greater use of LNG in marine applications and the potential oil displacement and related supply-pricing consequences.

NGV Global has been working with the World Bank to undertake initiatives that will spur greater development of CNG and LNG infrastructure and use in the transportation sector throughout the developing world.

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