NGV Global Welcomes HYGEN

| Latvia, Riga

HYGEN logoHYGEN has become the latest company to join NGV Global as a Corporate Member. Based in Riga, Latvia, the company has a global aspiration to transform gas distribution grids into fueling infrastructure for natural gas vehicles (NGV) by bringing to market a low-cost Home Fueling Appliance.

HYGEN is reinventing the topic of NGV home fueling by introducing patented mono stage liquid piston compression technology. It significantly reduces the total cost of ownership as well as fills a passenger vehicle gas storage tank in less than 5 minutes.

The company says it is win:win for gas suppliers and suburban drivers, selling more gas at special rates and providing fuel cost savings of 40-60%.

HYGEN finger controlHYGEN explains the gas distribution grid is connected to more than 200 million private detached and semi detached houses all around the world. With HYGEN it will be used to transform the balance of energy sources in transportation sector by allowing companies in the gas value chain to capture a part of EUR +30 billion (USD 36 b) suburban passenger car fuel market served by conventional fuel service providers today.

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