NGV Global Technical Forum Planned for ACT Expo

| USA, Dallas TX

Logo ACT Expo 2015The 2015 edition of NGV Global’s Technical Forum will take place in Dallas, on Monday May 4th. Just as in 2014, the Forum will be organized in coordination with ACT Expo and will be available for NGV Global members and specially invited guests. NGV Global’s Technical Forum  provides the opportunity to discuss specific issues of interest to our Industry and generates action items for NGV Global’s Technical Committee.

This year the topics will be Standardization and Safety (Global and North America), Environmental Performance of NGVs, Gas Composition and Quality, and the recent Report on Natural Gas R&D Priority Setting for Transportation in Canada.

The Forum and Committee are chaired by Diego Goldin (NGV Global ED and TC Chair) and Dr. Alex Lawson (TC Vice-Chair). Any questions can be forwarded to Diego Goldin:

Special ACT Expo Registration for NGV Global Members: When registering to attend the conference, please take a moment to select “NGV Global Member” on the Registration Form to receive a discount. ACT Expo is the largest event of its kind in North America. Click here to see the ACT Expo Agenda.

“NGV Global members” includes Corporate Sponsors and Corporate Members of the following Affiliated Associations: CNGVA (Canada), CAGNC (Argentina), IBP (Brazil), KANGV (Korea), NGVRUS (Russia), NGVAmerica (USA), NGV Italy and NGVA Europe.

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