NGV Global Tech Forum Addresses Hot Issues

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NGV Global Tech Forum ACT Expo 2015NGV Global conducted a Technical Forum for NGV Global members and invited guests at ACT Expo 2015. Once again the event was standing room only, a clear indication of the willingness of the North American marketplace to embrace natural gas as a cleaner, increasingly available and economic fuel for transportation. Main “hot buttons” were temperature compensation for filling CNG, heavy hydrocarbons/compressor oil in CNG stream and Carbon Intensity of NGVs.

NGV Global Executive Director Diego Goldin reported around 80 people in attendance, representing many of the Association’s members and also guests from sectors like Clean Cities (DOE), the natural gas conditioning industry, testing laboratories, engine manufaturers, etc. Furthermore, the relevance of the Technical Forum to an international audience was marked by attendance of representatives from Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Korea, The Netherlands, Austria, Mexico and France.

NGV GlobalGoldin gave a rapid overview of NGV Global’s activities in general, and of the work of NGV Global’s Technical Committee in particular, focusing on our participation in standardization and regulatory processes and our collaborative work with members and member associations.

Alex Lawson, NGV Global Technical Committee’s Vice Chair, briefed the audience on the work done by CNGVA as the Project Lead, for Natural Resources Canada; this study identifies critical R&D priorities necessary to ensure ongoing competitiveness of NGVs in both  on- and off-road applications.

Then the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) team presented the most recent standardization news and safety issues upon which CSA is focusing. The main points that captured the audience attention were temperature compensation during refuelling, safety of NGV systems, and technical barriers to greater NGV developments. NGV Global is an active participator in this process.

Andy Burnham from Argonne National Laboratories made a very interesting presentation of the study ANL conducts to determine carbon intensity and GHG behaviour of NGVs against conventional fuelled vehicles. He presented the details of their modelling programs and considerations on the variables and data available from the Gas Industry.

Finally, Ron Eickelman, President and Chief Technology Officer at Agility Fuel Systems, Inc., led a debate on the effects and potential solutions of heavy hydrocarbon and oil content in the Natural Gas fuelled into vehicles. Experts expressed their considerations from the point of view of station owners, engine manufacturers and system integrators. The debate also added considerations from end users (fleet managers), gas conditioner equipment providers, equipment manufacturers, etc.

The audience expressed their satisfaction for the level of the forum, and NGV Global received very valuable feedback that will be used in the definition of our Technical Committee activities. In short, a successful and timely event.

Presentations will be made available to the participants and NGV Global members.

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