NGV Global Recognises Industry Champions

Industry leaders are, by their nature, leaders, innovators, outstanding contributors. NGV Global recognises such people in the natural gas vehicle industry worldwide as Champions – an honour that was bestowed upon five members as part of NGV Global’s biennial conference and exhibition, this year held in Mexico City.

To qualify for this award, nominees will have significantly advanced the use of natural gas as a vehicular fuel; brought about an increased presence of natural gas vehicles; generated positive outcomes with far-reaching consequences; or displayed exceptional political and/or commercial enterprise.

Gabriele Gozzi, outgoing chairperson for NGV Global, presented NGV Champion awards to the following recipients at the conference Gala Dinner.

Ms Rebecca Royer, nominated by Omnitek Engineering and Graham Barker, has been an U.S. NGV industry leader for 25 years. Ms Royer developed the first lean-burn natural gas heavy-duty engine in the late 1980’s, she then went on to form and lead Baytech Corporation as leaders in the aftermarket CNG vehicle industry, developing and manufacturing CNG fuel injection systems for engines.

Baytech, now part of Landi Renzo USA, has achieved more EPA and CARB certified CNG vehicle systems than any other company in the U.S. marketplace.

Furthermore, Ms. Royer has also worked closely with federal and state regulators and industry associations to develop rules that would ensure high quality, low emissions NGV engine technology while not inhibiting the growth of the NGV industry – a significant national contribution toward invigorating and sustaining growth in the North American marketplace.

Mr. Fred Zweep is described by nominator Westport as an extraordinary ambassador for the NGV industry. An astute, ethical businessman and President of Vedder Transport in Canada, Mr. Zweep has sought and delivered on the highest standards of both operational and environmental excellence. In December 2010, Vedder Transport Ltd. announced their purchase of 50 Peterbilt LNG trucks powered by Westport HD systems, the first operation of its kind in Western Canada, following which Mr Zweep has actively shared his company’s experience and knowledge to encourage others to consider natural gas fuel for fleet transportation.

Leading by example, Mr. Zweep has also been actively involved in industry associations, government outreach activities and transportation events.

Mr. Peter Boisen, nominated by NGVA Europe, has made a profound contribution to the development of NGV industry in Europe. A former planner and executive of Volvo Cars, where he was responsible for the development of natural gas vehicles, Mr Boisen was one of the founders of ENGVA (European Natural Gas Vehicle Association) and then its successor NGVA Europe (Natural & bio Gas Vehicle Association Europe), serving as Chairman for both associations.

Mr. Boisen created the NGVA Europe’s Country Representatives Committee, as an instrument to maintain updated information about the movements and novelties in the NGV market of each country. He held the Committee’s chair until January 2012.

Ecotruck Co., Ltd, nominated by The Japan Gas Association, is a freight company with a clear mission — to always use and promote NGVs as a contribution to the global environment – it says this is their most important assignment and reason for existence. Ecotruck’s goal of increasing the number of NGV users in Japan is a priority and motivates them to conduct business activities as a responsible member of society. Today, almost 100% of EcoTruck’s 70 fleet vehicles are NGVs.

The company is active in government-sponsored environmental programs. It conducts study meetings for other companies to learn from their experience. It also provides environmental lessons to elementary and junior high school students nationwide (about 120 schools and 10,000 students to date).

Ecotruck has received multiple awards and commendations for its NGV fleet from the Japanese Government and commercial organisations.

Senor Fausto Maranca, nominated by Cámara Argentina de GNC (CAGNC) for his constant dedication to spreading the use of CNG in Argentina and abroad, became a member of Argentina’s CNG committee under the Secretary of Energy, which led to the successful launching of the National Plan of Liquid Fuels Substitution for gas in the 1980s.

During his time as President of the Argentine CNG Association (1984-1989) the CNG National Standards were issued, setting technical and safety standards for widespread adoption. Subsequently, he took part in the Committees of Standards of Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela and advised YPFB from Bolivia and the World Bank to launch CNG in Bolivia. He also consulted to the World Bank on CNG public transportation in Mexico, in 1990.

Today he is Vice-president of GNC Galileo and President of the CNG Argentinean Association which is developing an integral project on heavy transport (trucks and buses) propelled by CNG.

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