NGV Global 2012 Mexico City – FREE TECHNICAL FORUM Examines Tech Issues in Detail

NGV Global invites delegates and visitors to NGV Global 2012 Mexico City to participate in our first Technical Forum, being held at the Sheraton Maria Isabel Hotel on November 6th, 11 am – 2 pm.

The Technical Forum is an open program, free of charge to all conference delegates, exhibitors and visitors. Chaired by NGV Global’s Technical Chair, Dr Alex Lawson, the session will explore technical issues in a more detailed and informal forum than normal conference sessions allow.  The focus will be on critical issues requiring resolution and this will help to define technical objectives and priorities for NGV Global to pursue.

Agenda items include:

1. CNG Safety issues: A regional perspective on the most compelling safety issues in each region. Panel discussion to review regional safety issues seeking commonality to avoid duplication of effort to resolve issues.

2. RFID Opportunities: Issues surrounding implementation of RFID systems in various parts of the world.  What are the barriers to introduction? Are they different in different parts of the world? How feasible is it to develop wide spread use of RFID systems or is there an alternative approach that makes sense?

3. LNG Issues: The nature of LNG as a time sensitive fuel. Fuel Quality and composition issues and its effect on storage and vehicle performance. LNG station design and filling performance of vehicle tanks. Update on LNG standards including tank mounting requirements.

4. CNG Gas Quality: Review of CNG gas quality and composition issues searching for common elements and opportunities for resolution.  Availability of market fuel specification for CNG around the world. How to make this compatible with the whole NG business (i.e. fuel spec vs grid spec)?

NB – The Technical Forum will be held at the Sheraton Maria Isabel hotel. All other sessions on the program will be at Centro Banamex.

ONLY 12 DAYS TO GO. Make your travel arrangements for NGV Global 2012 Mexico City NOW. Hotels, Conference Registration.

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