NGV Fueling Infrastructure Gets Bigger in Texas

| USA, Austin TX
USA_Texas TXNG station map Feb2016

Red – existing stations; blue – planned

Texas Natural Gas Foundation (TXNG) has complied a newly released map of existing and planned natural gas fueling stations in Texas, indicating the natural gas vehicle industry in the Lone Star State is thriving with strong support from fleet operatoors.  The map shows drivers now have 150 places to refuel natural gas vehicles, an increase of 44% growth since August 2014 when the map was last produced.

Forty-one additional stations are set to open in 2016, adding to the state’s current 64 public fueling stations and 86 private stations.

There are also more natural gas cars and trucks on Texas roads. According to TXNG’s fleet survey, the natural gas vehicle count jumped from 7,100 in Texas in 2014 to 9,000 today.

“Texas fleet managers continue to recognize the importance of diversifying their fuel sources to cut costs,” said TXNG President Jason Isaac. “We should encourage the use of Texas fuels, like natural gas, that help build our state’s roads and support our public education, while growing our economy. Unlike other alternative fuels, the use of natural gas as a motor fuel keeps our economy strong by funding these important sectors, and it’s important for every Texan to be aware of the benefits of this abundant, domestic natural resource.”

Fleet managers interested in transitioning to natural gas or expanding their current use, can find the latest information on regulatory changes and financial support at TXNG’s website,

The Texas Natural Gas Foundation provides scholarly research, education and public awareness about Texas natural gas and its vital role in energy security, economic growth and benefits to the environment. For more information, visit

(Source: TXNG)

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