NGV Achievement Celebrated in Peru

| Peru, Lima | Source: La República

Most natural gas conversions in Peru have been for taxis.

100 000 vehicles converted to natural gas

In 2006, Peru set itself a ten-year target of reaching 50,000 natural gas vehicles in the country by 2016. Early in January this year, President Alan Garcia celebrated with his country the achievement of that goal being reached twice-over in half the time — 100,000 NGVs, reported La República. According to the Peruvian Chamber of Natural Gas Vehicles (CPGNV), 75% of vehicles converted to CNG are used for taxi transport. 839 new buses have also been funded.

A report in June 2009 noted more than 51,000 NGVs were in existence at that time, meaning the number of NGVs has virtually doubled in the past eighteen months.

Four years ago, the Peruvian government started the program funded by the Development Finance Corporation ( COFIDE ) in order to convert gasoline engines to natural gas and in turn generate more employment. 420 industry-related companies have since been established and 7,000 jobs created.

President Garcia also pointed out the “national achievement” of 100,000 NGVs represented approximately USD 1.9 million in savings and benefits for vehicle owners, as well as making a significant contribution to environmental improvements in the cities of Lima, Piura and Chiclayo, where the vehicles mainly circulate.

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