NGV 2012 Appoints International Sales and Marketing Partners

| South Korea, Chuncheon

NGV 2012 : Positioning NGVs for Evolving TransportationChuncheon, South Korea, from October 9-11, 2012

The organising committee for NGV 2012, the 13th Biennial Conference and Exhibition of NGV Global, has appointed international partners for the sales and marketing of the three day exhibition. Asian Exhibition Services (AES) Ltd, based in Bangkok, will cover global markets while Beijing Qifa Exhibition Service Co., Ltd will cover mainland Chinese companies.

NGV 2012 will be held from 9-11 October 2012 in Chuncheon, just 40 minutes from Seoul, the first time the event has been hosted in Asia in over a decade, when Japan hosted NGV 2000. In the intervening period events were held consecutively in Argentina, Egypt, Brazil and Italy.

As a global gathering, NGV 2012 will welcome the world’s leading specialists, stakeholders, local government policy makers, fleet operators, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, showcasing the latest technologies and innovations available, not just from the region but from throughout the world.

NGV Global Executive Director, Brett Jarman, said that Korea’s location makes it ideal for international events and that this is likely to help draw a large contingent of global visitors. “Korea is central to three of our major markets, Asia, Europe and North America, and Seoul Incheon Airport has in recent years established itself as a major international transport hub,” he said.

Chuncheon itself is just outside of Seoul; it is serviced by a fast train from the capital city and will have a new three-lane freeway direct to the city by October of 2012.

As well as targeting traditional NGV industry stakeholders, NGV 2012 will also be reaching out to municipal government decision-makers. The conference program will include case studies of NGV fleet implementation and investigate policy initiatives at the municipal government level. “Recognising our hosts, the city of Chuncheon, and the leadership role that local government has had in implementing natural gas vehicle programs, we are dedicating part of the three-day conference to the theme, Local Policy : Global Impact. As a consequence of this, the exhibition marketing program will also be targeting providers of equipment used by municipal government bodies and utilities such as garbage compactors, street sweepers, cherry pickers, etc,” Jarman said.

For exhibition enquiries:

  • International (including companies with regional offices in China) – Contact AES on +66 (0)2 207 2412, email at
  • Mainland China (excludes international companies with regional offices in China)– Contact Beijing Qifa Exhibition Service Co., Ltd on +86-13910977421, email at
  • More information –
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