NG-EV G-City Goes from Virtual Concept to Commercial Evaluation

| France | Source: AFGNV

French automotive innovator and manufacturer FAM presented a virtual natural gas/biomethane to electric traction concept vehicle in November last year. A project of FAM and natural gas supplier GDF SUEZ, the vehicle aimed to demonstrate the technical and environmental potential offered by the combination of gas and electricity energy on small vehicles segment present in urban areas. It has done that successfully, capturing the interest of city mayors and local government.  Two prototypes have been produced for homologations and to optimize the design.

The French Association for Natural Gas Vehicles (AFGNV) has informed NGV Global News that the next step, in October, is to evaluate the commercial appeal of this operational vehicle by showing the two prototypes at exhibitions and by testing them in companies such as French Post or household waste collection.

AFGNV describes the performance of this concept car as quite remarkable, with zero emissions of CO2 and local pollutants in operating mode and a total range of between 160 and 200 kms depending on battery type (NiMH, Lithium or Lead). The range includes 100 kms on either natural gas or biomethane, stored in a 6.7 litre cylinder.

Maximum speed for the new vehicle, described as a 2-seater quadricycle, is 67 km/h, or 55km/h using the lead battery.

The AFGNV welcomes the emergence of this offer, which shows the relevance of gas / electricity convergence in the field of clean transportation.

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