New Volvo FM LNG Now On Sale – High Performance, Low Emissions

| Sweden: Gothenburg
Volvo FM LNG 2018

Volvo FM LNG

Swedish vehicle manufacturer AB Volvo, through its Volvo Trucks division, introduced the Volvo FM LNG prototype to the market in October 2017, advising “sales to start in the Spring”. True to its word, the Liquefied Natural Gas powered truck, suitable for long distance freight haulage, is now on sale.

The natural gas-powered Volvo FM LNG emits 20% less CO2 than a regular Volvo FM, allowing transport operators to take big steps towards sustainable transport. When fuelled with bio-LNG, CO2 emissions can be reduced by 100% (tank-to-wheel). It is powered by a 420 or 460 hp engine that delivers performance and productivity on par with a regular Volvo FM with the same power rating.

Natural gas has a huge potential as a substitute for diesel in trucks. There’s a good supply globally and Volvo Trucks see this as a long-term energy source, emitting considerably less CO2 in comparison. When cooled down to low temperatures, the gas liquefies (LNG) and reduces in volume. That means the Volvo LM FNG has enough fuel on board to drive heavy regional and long-haul transports.

When asked who the typical customer is, segment manager for long haul at Volvo trucks, Tomas Thuressen responded: “It’s mainly two kinds of customers; those wwith strong values about environmental care and those who see LNG as a financial advantage. In some markets, the government is subsidising LNG. Also, when the customer has requirements for CO2 reduction, the LNG truck can actually be a prerequisite. The LNG truck is a perfect option for customers who really care for the environment, without compromising high-performance and productivity.”

The new Volvo FH LNG and Volvo FM LNG will be produced at the Tuve plant in Gothenburg.

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Source: Volvo Truck Corporation – AB Volvo is a Corporate Member of NGV Global

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