New U.S. Company Offers Dedicated CNG Range

| USA, Washington DC
GBT CDP Chevy Trax CNG modified

2015-16 Chevy Trax 1.4L Turbo Dedicated CNG

Green Bridge Technologies, LLC (GBT), the new NGV division of alternative fuels systems manufacturer ICOM North America, launched their brand in conjunction with Transportation Energy Partners’ Energy Independence Summit (EIS) in Washington, DC earlier this month. GBT showcased several vehicles at the event, including a CNG Chevy Trax®, one of GBT’s dedicated CNG vehicle line-up which also includes the Buick Encore®, Chevy Cruze® and Chevy Sonic®, all featuring Crazy Diamond Performance™ ECODrive™ technology.

Recognizing the growing interest in natural gas vehicles, spurred in large part by abundant American natural gas resources, ICOM North America with 25 years in the LPG automotive field partnered with Crazy Diamond Performance (CDP), a gaseous fuels industry company with natural gas engine calibration expertise, to bring to market innovative advanced NGVs through the GBT brand.

GBT is the exclusive sales, systems packager and distributor for CDP CNG vehicles.

The summit was the first stop on a 30-day road tour that is travelling up the Mid-Atlantic coast before heading west through upstate New York and down through Pittsburgh then on to Ohio, Indiana and Illinois and back to the company’s base in New Hudson, Michigan.

“This tour is the first in a series we’re coordinating across the country to introduce our brand and vehicle line-up to our Clean Cities Coalition and natural gas company allies,” says GBT CEO Albert Venezio. ”It also provides prospective fleet customers the chance to get behind the wheel,” he adds. “Our sub-compact and compact sedans and SUVs fit a niche that no other NGV supplier currently fills,” adds Venezio, noting that interest among government, gas company and taxi fleet operators is already strong. “GBT is proud to offer CNG vehicles that are among the cleanest combustion vehicles in the world,” says GBT Chairman Ralph Perpetuini. GBT’s initial line-up of vehicles are EPA-certified to Tier 2 Bin 3 emissions levels.

The Trax® is a compact SUV with the fuel economy of a car and the versatility of a full size SUV. Its highly efficient and super clean 1.4L turbo-charged engine delivers 130Hp/150ft-lb torque and, with 35/25mpg (highway/city) fuel economy, its 8.5GGE fuel capacity easily translates into a range of 250+ miles.

The Buick Encore® is powered by a turbo-charged 1.4L engine, and the Chevy Cruze® and Sonic® platforms are offered with either 1.4L turbo or 1.8L naturally aspirated natural gas engine. Additional GM platforms are in development and certification testing with CDP.

More road tours are slated for the West Coast and the Southeast later this Spring.

(Source: Green Bridge technologies)

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