New Swedish Shipper Plans LNG-fuelled Carriers for Baltic

| Sweden: Gothenburg | Source: Svenska Orient Linien AB

Wallenius SOL carrier ice class 1A Super designWALLENIUS SOL, a new shipping company that will transport forestry products and other goods in a network covering the Gulf of Bothnia, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, is planning to tackle the harsh northern environment with new Liquefied natural Gas (LNG) fuelled ice-class vessels.

Founders of the new entity are the two shipping companies Wallenius and Swedish Orient Line, SOL. It’s an investment to strengthen the infrastructure for the needs of Finnish and Swedish industry. The first customers to sign long-term agreements are Stora Enso and Metsä Board, respectively a renewable materials company and a leading producer of premium fresh fibre paperboards.

”Together we can offer a strong mix of experience and competence, which can support a growing forest industry”, says Ragnar Johansson, Managing Director WALLENIUS SOL. “Wallenius has experience from industrial shipping, ship owning, ship building and ship management. SOL brings the competence of logistics from forest industry and other types of cargo in this geographical area”.

WALLENIUS SOL will serve the region around the Baltic Sea including the northern Gulf of Bothnia, operating from five ports with regular calls to the continent and the UK, offering sustainable transports to the forest industry and other customers.

”We rely on efficient and sustainable transports for our products”, says Knut Hansen, SVP Logistics Global, Stora Enso. ”The partnership with WALLENIUS SOL will enhance our opportunities to compete globally, while at the same time the new vessels will reduce environmental impact”.

Specially designed vessels built to Finnish/Swedish ice class 1A Super will ensure year-round service, even in the the Gulf of Bothnia. The fleet in service in the Baltic Sea will initially consist of five vessels. Up to four new vessels are ordered and delivery of the new vessels are planned for 2021. These vessels will be LNG-powered and will also have other features that make these vessels the most environmentally efficient vessels in the area.

WALLENIUS SOL started its operations on April 12, 2019. Main office is located in Gothenburg.

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