New Player Sparq to Promote CNG in USA

| USA, Oklahoma City OK

In the USA, three members of the former Chesapeake Energy Corp. compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle team, with years of US and international experience between them, have launched a new initiative aimed at promoting the use of CNG as a vehicle fuel by partnering with existing convenience stores and by acting as a consultant to companies considering entering or expanding into the CNG business. Sparq Natural Gas, LLC (Sparq), is headquartered in the gas-rich U.S. State of Oklahoma.

CEO Norman Herrera explained Sparq’s team, including Chief Financial Officer Tristan Adler and Chief Operating Officer Sufyan Qarni, wanted to introduce a natural gas vehicle business founded on the express objective of regional speculative infrastructure development supported by national consulting and advisory services. “With our focus on the retail consumer market, our hope is we can identify a market niche that is completely unserved in the United States”, Herrara told NGV Global News.

Sparq is confident the “Clean, Abundant, Affordable, Domestic hook” that is natural gas fuel is resonating across the USA, not just for fleet operators but for the public at large and will result in a future for CNG far beyond the niche of commercial fleets.

“Momentum continues to build within the ‘ecosystem’ for natural gas as a transportation fuel, with automakers (Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, etc.), technology firms (GE, 3M, Siemens, BASF, Eaton), state governments (24-state MOU), and others making significant commitments to the space”, Herrara says. “The global macro-economic factors exist for a continued disconnect between natural gas and gasoline/diesel”, he added.

In March, a bill that would help state counties convert their fleets to compressed natural gas (CNG) and increase state infrastructure devoted to compressed natural gas fuel stations was approved by the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

According to NGV Global, there are currently about 142,000 Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) already on the road in the United States and more than 17 million NGVs operational around the world.

(Source: Sparq)

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