New Global LNG Bunkering Entity Aims High

| Greece: Athens

probunkers image 2018There is a new and ambitious presence in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) bunkering sector – probunkers. Based in Athens, Greece, the company aims to be the premier global physical bunker supplier for LNG, with an on-site presence in 7 major bunkering hubs across the globe.

Presented to the gathering at Posidonia 2018, probunkers says it’s shipping division will design, build, own and operate a fleet of eco-friendly LNG supply vessels. They will all be single vessel entities owned 100% by probunkers Holding. Locations are listed as ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp set of ports), Busan, Fujairah, Gibralter, Hong Kong, Houston and Singapore.

The project involves: Planning, Financing, Implementation, Operations and Sales. probunkers will have a three-tier role, as Physical supplier, LNG Trader/Seller and Barge owner and operator. The three-fold business model includes investment, trading and finance elements. The multi-layer model involves operations, LNG buying and selling, logistics and marketing.

probunkers’ CEO, Alexander Prokopakis, welcomed all attendees at the inauguration event and made a short presentation of the project. “I anticipate 2018 to be a landmark year for the expansion of LNG as a marine fuel into shipping. We are determined to turn probunkers into a world-class investment opportunity and fulfill our vision to build a reliable global-scale LNG bunkering network,” he said.

The project is expected to be operational by 2022.

Source: probunkers and SGMF

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