New CNG Station in Northern Peru

| Peru, Piura | Source: Piura News

Piura, capital city in Peru’s northwest state of Piura, has a new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling station, implemented to meet the rapidly expanding regional fleet of approximately 550 natural gas vehicles (NGVs). The station is the product of an alliance between Gascop (Gas Comprimido del Perú) and fuel supplier and service station operator Primax S.A., reports Piura News.

The CNG mega-station is located  km 2 off the Panamericana Norte highway and was officially opened September 5th. At a cost of USD 3 million, the station features four dispensers and eight hoses capable of refueling 2,000 vehicles per day, including buses.

Primax S.A. arose from a merging of the fuel division of Romero Trading and Empresa Nacional del Petróleo de Chile for the acquisition of the fuel business of Shell Perú, in November 2005.

Gascop has also launched a vehicle conversion campaign, offering rebates of 500 soles (USD 192) for each vehicle converted to CNG operation through approved workshops.

Primax and Gascop are about to start operations at another service station with the same characteristics in the city of Chiclayo, about 215 kms to the south of Piura. The CNG stations are expected to facilitate natural gas powered inter-provincial trade, at the same time providing up to 60% savings on fuel costs compared to other fuels.

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