New CNG Fleet, New CNG Station for NFTA’s Metro

| USA, Buffalo NY

NFTA CNG Bus LiveryThe Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA) reports that NFT Metro System, Inc. (Metro), in conjunction with natural gas station builder Trillium CNG, has begun construction on a high capacity fast fill compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station at Metro’s Frontier Bus Garage in Buffalo, NY. The USD 5.9 million (EUR 5.3 m) state-of-the-art facility, encompassing 1.5 acres, will fuel a new fleet of 44 CNG buses.

The station will feature two 250-hp compressors, producing 700 standard cubic feet per minute that will serve four fuel dispensers. A twin tower dryer, control building, electric motor and control distribution wiring and control system are also part of the project. The functionality of the station will more than cover Metro’s needs for the immediate future, but the facility can be expanded to meet new demands.

Kimberley A. Minkel, NFTA executive director said, “Compressed natural gas is the fuel of the future for our fleet of buses. It’s affordable, plentiful, safe and made in the USA. CNG is an eco-friendly fuel that helps improve our air quality and will increase the overall efficiency of our fleet.”

Trillium CNG designs and constructs natural gas fueling stations around the world, including Helsinki, Finland and Munich, Germany. Specializing in fleet service, they are headquartered in Chicago and have built facilities across the United States.

Metro has ordered 44 full-size buses from Nova Bus that will run on compressed natural gas. The first 20 are due later this year, and will begin transporting passengers at that time, with the remainder to follow in 2016. These new buses will replace the oldest diesel buses currently in use. Metro has also ordered 10 CNG paratransit vans from Shepard Brothers, which will be used to transport customers with special needs. The PAL vans will begin service this fall.

Compressed natural gas is an effective alternative fuel for public transportation. Safe, clean and affordable, CNG also provides some freedom from the diesel fuel market. Natural gas at the Metro facility will be 99 percent American sourced. Through the course of their lives, these Metro’s CNG buses will save the atmosphere from more than 1,300 tons of carbon.

The total cost, of $5,948,155, is funded as follows:

  • Federal Transit Administration $575,112
  • NYS DOT $68,653
  • NFTA $5,003,078
  • National Fuel $301,312

(Source: NFTA)

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