New Alliance Increases NGV Options in Colombia

| Colombia, Bogotá

DFM bi-fuel Cargo Van available in Colombia

Automotive dealer and Colombian agent for DFM, Praco Didacol SA, and Italian natural gas vehicle (NGV) conversion company NGV Motori have formed an alliance to expand the range of natural gas commercial freight and passenger vehicles in Colombia, using DFM models. Besides the environmental benefits of using natural gas fuel, the Praco Didacol – NGV Motori union expects to deliver economical vehicles for small and medium enterprises ‘during this time of economic recession’.

Gustavo Pradilla, president of Praco Didacol, explained the new service offering will benefit both owners and operators involved, delivering what he says is a 52% reduction in fuel costs compared to conventional gasoline systems.

One DFM NGV already available through Praco Didacol dealers across the country is a 1310 cc Cargo Van MPV. It delivers 82.3 hp at 6000 rpm and has a range of 100-120 kms on compressed natural gas (CNG) and a bi-fuel (gasoline/CNG) range of around 500 kms. Natural gas equipment on-board is 100% Italian-made.

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