Netherlands Waste Collector HVC Adds Biomethane Trucks

| The Netherlands, Zaanstad | Source: GroengasMobiel
Scania CNG for HVC Group Holland

HVC purchased 16 Scania CNG trucks last year.

Dutch waste management company and renewable energy producer HVC, has introduced biomethane (groen gas) -powered waste collection vehicles for servicing the municipality of Zaanstad, northwest of Amsterdam. Two trucks have started operations with 26 more to follow.

Green gas is a fuel that is made from various types of biomass, such as manure, residues from the food industry and sewage sludge.

HVC also operates biomethane-powered refuse trucks in the western-Netherlands municipality of Dordrecht, where the company introduced seven trucks in May 2013. HVC will also grow this green fleet to 28 trucks.

Fuel is supplied by Orangegas which is investing in a nationwide network of natural and renewable gas filling stations, with more than 120 stations opened thus far.

“Research shows that driving on green gas has specific effects on the air: greatly reduced particulate matter and NOx concentrations. In addition, driving on green gas is also very attractive to your wallet. We are very pleased that we have put in relation to the sustainable mobility in the Netherlands, “the long-term cooperation with HVC another big step forward Schlichting said Pelle, Director OrangeGas, at the opening of a station servicing the Dordrecht fleet last year.

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