Netherlands Sets 2015 Goals for LNG-Fuelled Transportation

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Schematic of the "Green Deal" (Source: Deltalinqs)

Several Dutch companies are working with the government of The Netherlands to accelerate the introduction of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a transportation fuel, for both land and marine activity. The declared goal is to have at least 50 barges, 50 ships and 500 heavy-duty trucks powered by LNG by 2015.  Project initiators Deltalinqs, Energy Valley Foundation and Port Authority LNG TR & D reached a “green deal” agreement to this effect June 14th with Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation Maxime Verhagen — who currently also acts as Vice Prime Minister — and State Secretary Atsma.

An initial assessment shows demand for natural gas is abundantly available, stocks are well diversified, with a stabilizing effect on prices as a result.

The plan will commence by focusing on two areas: the Wadden Sea-North Sea and the Rhine region from Rotterdam to Basel, Switzerland, which will include the cities of Amsterdam and Vlissingen. Project goals will incorporate legislation, the legal framework, incentives and social support and environment management.

The first investment made through this initiative is expected to be implemented by 2013.


The three companies call their collaboration “the National Platform for LNG”. The platform aims to create many initiatives for LNG as fuel in road transport, inland waterways, coastal shipping, ferry services, fishing and tugboats. It will work on the legal framework, incentives and social support and environment management.

  • LNG Technology, Research & Development (LNG TR & D) is a collaboration between 3TU (3 technical universities), VSL (National Mmetrology Institute) and TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research
  • Energy Valley is the name of the North Dutch energy cluster.
  • Deltalinqs, fully named Deltalinqs Energy Forum and established in 2006, comprises Rotterdam port and industry representatives who together are working on projects leading to new investments in renewable and efficient processes, raw materials and logistics.

According to Deltalinqs chairman Wim van Sluis, the LNG platform needs to break the current chicken-egg situation, in which vehicle fleet operators postpone their investment in “clean” fuel transport while waiting for sufficient refuelling infrastructure from the fuel providers and vice versa.

September 19-21 this year will see Amsterdam as host city to an LNG 4 Trucks & Ships Workshop — an event organized for LNG, LBG, LCNG, dual fuel vehicles and filling station segments.

The workshop, organised by NGVA Europe, will be hosted by Ballast Nedam IPM- a turn-key supplier of complete service stations and filling stations for alternatives and traditional fuels and one of the top-five largest Dutch construction and engineering companies that also operates around the globe.

(This article primarily compiled using information from a Deltalinqs press release)

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