Netherlands LNG Stations Network Gains Ground

| The Netherlands, Nieuwegein

PitPoint opens LNG stationTwo new Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) filling locations have been opened in The Netherlands. These LNG filling locations, owned by PitPoint.LNG, are situated at DCB-owned TruckEasy filling stations, one at Den Hoorn and the other at Greenportlane in Sevenum/Venlo. PitPoint says LNG has been used as fuel for heavy road transport in the Netherlands for years and gains popularity every year.

The LNG filling location in Den Hoorn is situated in the heart of the Netherlands, only a few metres from the A4, and is easy to get to from Delft, The Hague and Rotterdam. The LNG filling location in Sevenum/Venlo isalso easily accessible, with direct access to the A67 and A73, and is ideally located for trucks driving to the hubs for the Rotterdam and Antwerp ports and Central Europe. These hypermodern TruckEasy stations are unmanned and open 24/7. CNG is also available at these stations.

A third LNG station will open in the spring at the TruckEasy location in Roosendaal. With Den Hoorn and Sevenum/Venlo included, there are now 24 LNG filling locations in total in the Netherlands, well-spread across the country.

LNG burns cleaner than Euro VI standard diesel: it is 30% less damaging to health (PM10 and NOx) and has 10% lower CO2 emissions.

Jan Willem Drijver, managing director PitPoint.LNG: “The new LNG trucks can do around 1500 km on a full tank. With the current network of LNG filling stations at strategic locations, we pretty much have country-wide coverage.”

The network of LNG filling stations will continue to grow, also outside the Netherlands. “PitPoint.LNG is currently working on the development and exploitation of LNG locations in Belgium and Germany, which will make it possible to use our network in these countries too. This way, carriers and their clients are no longer prevented from investing in clean transport,” explains Drijver.

The realization of these LNG tank locations is part of the LNG Motion project, co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) of the European Union, which is facilitating a large-scale roll-out of LNG filling stations for trucks throughout Europe. Funding is part of the European Commission (EC) policy to reduce CO2 emissions by investing in sustainable fuels.

Source: PitPoint.LNG

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