Negotiations for Revamping Philippine CNG Fuelling Infrastructure Near Completion

| Philippines, Manila | Source: Positive News Media

The Philippine government and the Malampaya consortium, which includes Shell Philippines Exploration B.V., Chevron Malampaya and Philippine National Oil Co. – Exploration Corp. (PNOC-EC), have reaches the final stages of a Memorandum of Agreement to enable the government to assume control of the mother-daughter compressed natural gas stations from the Shell Group, reports the Philippines Positive News Media.

According to the report, Energy Undersecretary Jay Layug said, “We are in the final stages of the MOA that will implement the takeover of PNOC Exploration of the mother-daughter station and the expansion of the CNG bus project.”

The Malampaya consortium will supply CNG for the mother-daughter station, to be operated by PNOC-EC. The changes are aimed at re-stimulating the natural gas vehicle market in the Philippines by improving fuel supply, and reducing pollution by through replacement of diesel-powered buses.

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