Natural Gas Vehicles Lead Money-Saver List in German Study

| Germany | Source: erdgas-mobil

Fiat Qubo Natural Power

A study in Germany by the University of Duisburg-Essen’s Center for Automotive Research (CAR) has placed natural gas vehicles (NGVs) at the top of the biggest money saver list, according to an erdgas-mobil report. Heading the rankings are two gas-powered cars by Fiat: the Fiat Punto and the Fiat Qubo Natural Power. Over 100 kilometers, each vehicle consumes just 4.2 kilograms of natural gas. With an average gas price of EUR 0.99 (USD 1.26) per kg equivalent to the fuel costs of EUR 4.16 each (USD 5.30) – the current low mark in Germany.

Three high-performance 150hp NGVs followed: the VW Passat TSI EcoFuel (EUR 4.31 – USD 5.50), the Opel Zafira Tourer CNG (EUR 4.71 – USD 6.01) and the VW Touran TSI EcoFuel (also EUR 4.71 – USD 6.01). Additionally, the Mercedes E 200 NGT and the VW Caddy EcoFuel 2.0 are represented in the Top 15.

The study by CAR examined all vehicles with internal combustion engines, including hybrids.

Based on the findings, Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, director of the CAR institute, is recommending car manufacturers be obliged by law to sell a quota of 5% alternative-fuelled vehicles. Such a move, he argues, would reduce vehicle prices by 15 to 20 percent.

According to an earlier report by erdgas-mobil (Jan. 2012), Prof. Dudenhöffer published a “recent” technical paper that predicted the cost of diesel will rise above all other fuels in the next five years, again significantly, even more than that for gasoline, hence his desire to improve alt-fuel vehicle options for German motorists.

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