Natural Gas Vehicle Incentive Project Opens Funding in California

| USA, Irvine CA

California’s Natural Gas Vehicle Incentive Project (NGVIP), which provides incentives to reduce the purchase price of new on-road natural gas vehicles (light, medium and heavy) for use in California, is now receiving applications. The incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis and at varying levels depending on the gross vehicle weight. Almost USD 10.2 million has been set aside for the fund.

Eligible vehicles are new, on-road natural gas vehicles purchased after August 07, 2015 or the date on the intending purchaser’s reservation confirmation, whichever is later. Transit buses are not eligible for incentives under the NGVIP.

Vehicles must be registered in California and operated in the state at least 90% of the time for three years.

A single applicant is eligible for up to a maximum of 30 incentives, as defined in the table below:

GVW (lbs) Incentive Amount
Up to 8,500                  1,000.00
8,501 – 16,000                  6,000.00
16,001 – 26,000                11,000.00
26,001 – 33,000                20,000.00
33,001 or greater                25,000.00

Incentives can be obtained through the NGVIP following the purchase, delivery, and California registration of eligible vehicles, after all applicable taxes and fees are applied and paid.

The NGVIP is administered by the Institute of Transportation Studies, at UC Irvine on behalf of the California Energy Commission. Information on the program is available at

(Source: Institute of Transportation Studies)

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