Natural Gas Fuels Sales more than Double Expectations in Texas

| USA, Newport Beach CA
Clean Energy LNG station in Baytown, near Houston, Texas

Clean Energy LNG station in Baytown, TX

Clean Energy Fuels Corp., a key contributor to the natural gas vehicle fuel growth in Texas, noted today’s Railroad Commission of Texas report that Compressed (CNG) and Liquefied (LNG) natural gas sales in Texas through July 31, 2014 were 220 percent of the fiscal year 2014 estimate. An estimated 14,521,326 gallon-equivalents of natural gas have been sold through this period, compared to the forecasted 6.6 million gallon-equivalents.

“The use of natural gas as a vehicle fuel is taking off in Texas,” said Peter Grace, senior vice president, sales and finance, Clean Energy. “We firmly agree with Texas Railroad Commissioner David Porter that there is plenty of room for growth as more fleets take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits of natural gas vehicle fuel.”

Clean Energy currently has approximately 40 public-access natural gas fueling stations open in Texas today. Milestones such as opening the Texas Triangle to natural gas fueling and leading Texas transit agencies converting to natural gas are significant contributors to the growth in the use of natural gas as a vehicle fuel in Texas.

(Source: Clean Energy Fuels)

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