Natural Gas Fuel in Sweden is 91% Renewable

| Sweden: Stockholm | Source: Energigas Sverige

Energigas Sverige 2018 data gas usageThe proportion of biogas in the vehicle gas continues to increase. New statistics from Statistics Sweden show that the renewable proportion is just over 91 per cent. Total sales of natural gas as a fuel for vehicles also rose during 2018.

Statistics for 2018 presented by Statistics Sweden on February 19 show that the proportion of biogas (biomethane / renewable natural gas  or RNG) in vehicle gas is up to 91.3 percent. For 2018, the previous downward trend for vehicle gas sales, which is increasing by 1.6 gigawatt hours, is also being broken.

“The industry’s goal is that we should have 100 percent biogas in the vehicle gas by 2030. The new figures show that we are approaching by leaps and bounds, and that is of course very gratifying. In this area, Sweden is the world leader. It is also very cool that total sales of vehicle gas goes up in 2018. It looks promising for the future”, says Maria Malmkvist, CEO of Energigas Sweden.

At the end of 2018, there were 185 public vehicle gas filling stations and about 60 non-public filling stations in Sweden.

Public filling stations are filling stations where deliveries are made to the public. Non-public filling stations are filling stations where deliveries to vehicles are either difficult to access by the public or are only available to individual municipalities or companies.

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