Natural Gas Can Alleviate Mexico’s Fuel Problems, AMGN Argues

| Mexico: Mexico City | Source: AMGN

AMGN LogoThe Mexican Association of Natural Gas (Asociación Mexicana de Gas Natural – AMGN) has proposed to the government of Mexico that its problems of liquid fuel supply can be greatly alleviated by the promotion of natural gas as a fuel for transportation. Diversification will benefit the people and the economy.

The proposal will attract much attention in the face of gasoline shortfalls that have seen station closures in various parts of the country. AMGN argues that the conversion to natural gas fuel of public transport units (taxis, minibuses and passenger buses ), and flotillas of delivery and cargo companies, would allow continuance of daily activities by companies and citizens. For this, the country has more than 50 thousand kilometers of distribution networks to bring natural gas to homes, businesses, industry and, of course, service stations for the supply of CNG to vehicles.

NGV is up to 50% cheaper compared to gasoline or diesel, so the direct savings into the pocket of consumers is significant and immediate. In addition, it is the cleanest of all fossil fuels, due to the fact that, during its combustion, no polluting particles are emitted to the environment, which benefits the health of Mexicans.

Another advantage is that being lighter than air, it disperses quickly, which makes it highly safe. Also, due to its physical composition, the storage of CNG in the service stations does not present a risk of spills or contamination of the subsoil or groundwater.

In Mexico, there are already transport units that work with natural gas, and there are also specialized workshops for the conversion of vehicles to natural gas, whose cost is recoverable in the short term, thanks to savings in the price of fuel.

Today Mexico is fortunate to be located in the area of ​​the world with the lowest natural gas prices, a situation that it should take advantage of for the benefit of its economy. The country currently has more than 15,000 natural gas vehicles (NGV).

To assist the country to benefit from the advantages of natural gas, AMGN has invited the federal, state and municipal governments to promote its use to avoid the majority dependence on gasoline and diesel. It further invites the government to learn from the many countries that have adopted natural gas to improve the air quality of the cities and reduce pollution levels.


The AMGN brings together more than 80 companies, national and foreign, that offer products and services related to natural gas in Mexico, representing them with the objective of promoting the strategic development of the market and promoting investments in the entire value chain, within a framework of safety, efficiency and respect for the environment.

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