Murcia CNG Fleet Reaches 26 Buses

| Spain, Murcia

MAN City Versus CNGIn Spain’s university city of Murcia, the public transportation agency Transportes de Murcia has lifted the number of natural gas fuelled buses in its fleet to 26 after acquiring a new CNG-powered Man City Versus. The fleet now consists of 17 Mercedes Spica Urban and 9 Man City Versus (Lion’s City) buses.

The new Euro 6 bus, using compressed natural gas (CNG), reduces emissions of nitrogen oxide by 90%, particles by 99% and carbon monoxide by 25%. In addition, it does not generate ashes or solid waste, exhaust gases are almost odorless and engine noise is significantly lower than a comparable diesel engine.

It carries 82 people, 24 of which can be seated (including the driver). It is also well equipped for disability requirements with automatic ramps and space allocated for a wheelchair.

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