MP&ES Introduces the Greenville Natural Gas Locomotive

| USA, Greenville SC

The Greenville LocomotiveMotive Power & Equipment Solutions, Inc. (MP&ES), a provider of new and re-manufactured locomotives, has introduced the Greenville™ locomotive, an ultra­‐low emissions Gen Set locomotive powered by a combination of natural gas and diesel fuels. “Natural gas offers our customers an opportunity to greatly reduce their operating fuel costs while cutting emissions at the same time,” said MP&ES CEO and President David Wilkerson.

“The availability of low cost, US sourced natural gas provides an unprecedented opportunity for green locomotives. MP&ES has invested heavily in technology, research and staffing to be at the forefront of delivering highly affordable, natural gas powered locomotives for switcher and short line operations.”

MP&ES has been evaluating technology options and developing system designs for natural gas locomotives for more than two years. The company recognized the critical importance of providing a cost effective system that can meet the high reliability and durability requirements of the railroad industry. To deliver the best locomotives, an assessment was made of the full range of dual-fuel and dedicated, 100% natural gas technologies. MP&ES, with its technology partner OptiFuel Systems, LLC, is now conducting final power system testing and calibration along with full emissions certification.

“The Greenville design operates equally well on CNG or LNG as it is a port injected dual-fuel system so either tank supply delivers low pressure CNG to the engine,” Doug Thomson, VP Business Development, explained to NGV Global News. “The fuel is carried on board the locomotive in addition to a full diesel load, enabling long operational times between refueling and automatic operation on 100% diesel should natural gas supply or pricing ever become problematic. The design is initially focused on large switching operations and while fuel range will vary based on operational profile, we project an average of once per week refueling. We generally design to provide fuel capacity so that the refueling frequency is no less than the diesel refueling frequency of current operations.”

The company, which manufactures a line of locomotives under the MP designation, expects to begin taking orders on its Greenville TM MP1500 (1500Hp) dual-fuel locomotives later in 2014, with other models to follow. Recently, MP&ES was selected by the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Company (IHB) as one of a limited number of qualified vendors being considered for the conversion of 31 locomotives to natural gas.

(Source: MP&ES)

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